Can you tell I’m pretty excited here?

3552 page views, 2896 sessions and Pinterest analytics going really well in less than THREE WEEKS OF BLOGGING!

Here’s how I did it.  Firstly, I worked my backside off, lol.  I had the idea for my blog in my head for, well, a  few weeks, and used my previous blogging experience to test out all avenues.  I have barely slept in 3 weeks.  Every moment has been either working my day job, making pathetic efforts at feeding my kids or learning about blogging.  Don’t worry about the kids, they’re quite big and can happily fend for themselves if the situation calls for it.

I should also say that when I’ve worked my backside, off, hardly slept, blah blah, that’s been out of choice.  I’m having FUN!!

I have not yet earned a single dollar in actual affiliate money, but I have earned 2 free months on TAILWIND by just telling other people how well it’s worked for me, lol.  How utterly mad is that?  I’m gonna say it’s pretty freaking crazy.


Oh, Pinterest.  Yeah, did that.


It’s an interesting and confusing curve.  Apparently my profile isn’t being seen much, but my pins are GOING OFF, considering I started with absolutely zero!

So, how did I do this?  Well, there were 2 main ways.  Firstly, I focussed on one pin, linked to one post.  I had tested this pic out on crochet groups before I started my blog, and they all seemed to love it.  I got over 700 FB likes on this post in a crochet group within 2 days, and that’s as an absolute beginner pattern creator.  So I did the next logical step.  I set up a crochet designer page on RAVELRY, which is the top crochet and knitting pattern sharing site on the planet, and just shared the hell out of my totally free pattern.

I just saw via the FB groups that people liked this bag, so I posted about it, even though the pattern itself was a mish-mash collection of tutorials and ideas from other sites.  I just put them together for this bag.  I gave all credits and links, as we must.  <— Very Important Rule here, thou shalt not pinch ideas from others and claim them as thine own, thou shalt link and credit and bow down with thanks.

$.99* .COM Domain! Get going with GoDaddy!


The other thing I did was to share this and a couple of other pattern posts to some really big and global crochet Facebook groups.  I just put them up there in all honesty as “OMG, I posted a free pattern on Ravelry and it’s in the What’s Hot Right Now, so damned excited!!”  My fellow crochet peeps loved this and clicked through.

So, maybe you’re thinking that a craft blog and omg, knitting communities, is not really your thing.  Maybe not, but somewhere on the net there is a niche for that post you just slaved for hours over. If it meant that much to you, it *will* mean that much to someone else.  Find that Facebook group, that Pinterest board, that hashtag, find it and share the ever-loving crap out of it.  But only to people who will love it.

I found my niche.  You can, too.  Do it!

Post below RIGHT NOW below in the comments with how you want to get one post to make it out there, post a link to the post,  and I promise I’ll (a) be seriously happy anyone read this and cared enough to comment and (b) reply thankfully to you!

How I got 3552 page views in my first 18 days blogging, and so can you!

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