Customise your Crochet & Knitting with Cricut Monograms

Customise your Crochet & Knitting with Cricut Monograms

I’ve had a lot of queries from fellow yarn-obsessed pals regarding ways we can customise our crochet and knitting creations with lettering.  While there are a few options with embroidery or crocheted letters, probably the most versatile way is to add on some fabric lettering made using Cricut monograms.

Please note this is a sponsored post on behalf of Design Bundles, but, as always, Stashing Yarn won’t say nice things about something unless we know it’s pretty darned awesome!

These are downloadable SVG files that you just whack into your machine of choice, and let it do all the hard work.  Seriously, it’s like magic, and I like magic.  I consider myself quite a creative person, but I can barely draw a stick figure freehand, and my hand writing is… well… it’s not great!!  That’s why I stick to crochet, knitting and weaving – no drawing required!

This is actually quite new to me, as I hadn’t personally experienced the joy of what these terribly clever machines can do until recently, when I had the opportunity to play with one over a weekend at a friend’s house.  Let’s just say my upcoming birthday / Mother’s Day / Any Other Day wish list has a new item on it!  (Cue groans from my grown children at home as I clearly have a new obsession!)

The library of fonts, styles, images lettering, frames and more is mind-blowing, so you can completely customise your yarn-based work of art to suit your needs.  Just have a look at what’s available at Design Bundles. No matter what you’re making, you can find pretty much any design, any style you’re after, load it into your Cricut and your fabric, vinyl,paper or leather will be cut exactly as you need it.


Cricut Monogram Design Bundles

You can either create individual letters or graphics and add them directly to your knitted fabric, or layer some lettering and images on top of some background fabric to create a customised brand label or slogan.  You could do this with either iron on, or stitched on applique, or even embroidery if your crocheted or knitted fabric isn’t too thick.

The team at Design Bundles have got cricut monograms to suit every theme and every style.  And while I’m obviously most interested in how I can use them with crochet and knitted items, they can also be used for paper and leather crafts, embroidery and much more.  I just have to keep myself limited to yarn crafts at the moment, until I can assign a whole room in my house purely for crafting!


Design Bundles Monograms SVG


Here are just a couple of the ways you can add on some awesome finishing touches to your crochet / knitted projects:


You may want fabric, leather or card labels for your knitted projects, and a monogram cricut can be a great way to achieve this. Just have a look at what some creative folks below have come up with!


Crochet Pouch - The Hook Nook Life

Via The Hook Nook Life

Cotton scrubby wrap label cricut monogram

Via 5 Little Monsters

Embossed leather tags

Via 5 Little Monsters

Iron On or Applique

The sky’s the limit with this one!  You can add finishing touches of all kinds to your projects, like the examples here.  Just be very cautious when ironing-on and be sure to keep in mind the type of yarn you’re using.  Some acrylic yarns can’t take too much heat, but most can handle iron on transfers if done carefully.

Via Moogly Blog



I hop you’ll give some of these ideas a go and let me see the results.  I think my next project will be to make some custom labels for the growing stash of crochet spa items I’ve been working on.  Then again, those leather tags…  This will take some thought!

If you have any questions or comments, just drop me a line below and, if you enjoyed this post, pinning and sharing it is most appreciated!

Customise your crochet knitting projects with cricut monograms

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