This is a simple-to-make crochet bag composed of gorgeous sunburst granny squares made using Cleckheaton California 100% wool in Mauve Glow and a 4mm hook.

Stashing Yarn

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I originally started crocheting these squares just to see how the colours in the yarn would work together, and was very happy with the results!  I sat with my little stack of pretty squares racking my brains as to what to make from it, and finally settled on a bag.  The plan was to felt it once it was all assembled, but then decided against it as the stitch definition was looking pretty good.

The bag still needs a nice lining, so have been having some fun going through my stash of fabric (fortunately not quite as scary as my yarn stash) to find something that will coordinate well with it.  Will be sure to update with more photos once this is finished.

So read on below on how to make one of these for yourself!

Dreamy coloured granny square bag


You will need:

  • 4 – 5 balls Cleckheaton California (this is Mauve Glow)
  • Size 4 crochet hook
  • Yarn needle for sewing in ends and assembling bag
  • Handles of your choice.

Wool Yarn from Knit Picks

This pattern is not fully original, as it uses a well known granny square which I definitely can’t claim credit for!   The assembly method came from a few different sources which I’ve listed below.

The granny square square pattern used is a very common design, and I don’t know of an original creator to credit.  I used the one from the Urban Gypsy Boho Bag on Make and Do.   Please note that the squares in this pattern are considerably larger as they use double yarn, but the pattern is the one I followed.

VIA Make and Do Crew

You’ll need to crochet 13 of these granny squares squares, and make sure to save some yarn for joining.  Using Cleckheaton California with a 4mm hook my squares ended up being around 13.5 cm or 5 1/2″ across each.

I joined by whip stitching on the wrong side, and boy, that took a while!  I’m sure I could have given more thought to the order of putting them all together with fewer ends to weave in!

Assembly – You basically assemble as described in this excellent and detailed tutorial by The Green DragonFly.  In the image below I used the 13 square option 2nd from the top.  (Please note that I have not been able to find the original source for this image, please comment below if you know it so that I can give appropriate credit).

I then added a single row of single crochet around the top, and hand stitched the leather handles to the top.

The handles came from a stand at a craft fair here in Perth recently.  I think next time I’ll crochet handles instead, because the leather ones were just too expensive at $19, yikes!

Enjoy, and if you liked this, please do follow me on Pinterest, and Facebook.  I plan on sharing a lot more free patterns soon and that’s where you’ll find the links 😀

Keep on Stashing!


Crochet granny square bag

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