Resources & Supplies

Here’s an ever-growing list of where I like to shop to feed my stash, and what some of the best deals around are.  I know I have readers in a few different countries, so will be sure to specify what country each supplier is based in if they’re not worldwide.

Crochet hooks and other tools

I’ve said before that my absolute favourite hooks to crochet with are the soft-handled Clover Armour ones, and I’m far from being alone in this!  I’ve also tried out the gorgeous Tulip Etimo ones at a trade show, and, although they felt quite different from my usual Clover Armour ones, they did feel lovely.  I may have to save up for them!

Clover Armour Crochet Hook Gift Set

The cheapest place I’ve found to buy these both online is definitely on Amazon, which is where the links above will take you.  You can also get them at Knitpicks, and CreateForLess


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