My Recovery Buddy

I got a message on Ravelry this morning letting me know about an amazing charity that makes crocheted and knitted lovies for people recovering from trauma, addiction, illness and more.


It’s a way we mad crocheters and knitters can make something to bring some light and love into the lives of people getting over some really rough times.  They’re easy enough for absolute beginners to make and can be made using any leftovers in your stash xxx


People in need of a Recovery Buddy can put in a request with preferred colours and styles, and the volunteers make them to order and send them in.  It also really helps if you can add in a tiny financial donation to help pay the cost of the Buddy you make get to its new home.

Here is the link that has much more information – MY RECOVERY BUDDY

The Ravelry group page is here – RAVELRY GROUP PAGE

I’m going to start one right now, I hope you do, too.

Keep Stashing,



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